1962 LaFrance: Utilized from 1962 to 1986
1925 American LaFrance Type 45 Combination Pumper
Waterous 2nd size Steam Pumper Charles E. Redfern
1935 Studebaker Combination Pumper
1860s-1880s Hand-hauled Hose Reel
1938 Bickle-Seagrave Aerial Tractor
1942 Bickle-Seagrave Trailer Pump
1952 Kenworth Pumper
1931-32 La Frances
1900 Chief's Buggy
1937 Chevrolet
1916 Bob-Sled

Fire Bells & Fanfare 2008

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Preserving Victoria Fire Department History

In many instances, possibly the majority, historic fire apparatus has only survived through the efforts of the community they served. Several steps were necessary: preservation—acquiring the vehicle; conservation—arresting the process of deterioration; research—leading to accurate restoration and where necessary, replication; and then maintenance.

The Victoria Fire Department Historical Society wishes to thank the City of Victoria, the Victoria Fire Department, the B.C. Gaming Commission, and the community.

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